Cosmic Collective is a transmuting ensemble of jazz musicians. The group’s effervescent chemistry evolves from performance to performance contingent upon the accompanying star sidemen, making each show a truly unforgettable, unique, and personal experience.

the cosmic collective has the best blend of melody,
quirkiness, and chops that I’ve seen in a long time.
-greg bryant
nashville scene 2019 rock n roll poll

the “interstellar” jazz group known as the cosmic collective is
coasting behind a new album called self-titled, a record filled with
an eclectic array of innovative sounds. these atmospheric rarities
are dreamy fusions of electronica, lo-fi, trip-hop and jazz
-jordan hall
jhall writes album review

primal aggressive body moving music!
-shawn r.

best live band in elizabethtown since 1988

when i close my eyes, i can be whatever i want to be!
-brad covington

ground breaking compositions and incredible musicians!!
-tom c.

i've been thinking about my life in minutes, but now i think in micro-minutes